Recycling Monofilament Fishing Line

Monofilament fishing line is the line anglers most commonly use: single-strand, high density nylon. According to the Wisconsin DNR, improperly disposed of monofilament fishing line can harm wildlife that become tangled in it or ingest it. Line in the water can also endanger swimmers and divers and become tangled in boat propellers. It can last up to 600 years in fresh water, meaning it poses a threat for a long time.

Fishing line can remain a problem even if put in the trash, because birds can take it from an open bin and become entangled or it can entangle wildlife at landfills.

The DNR is coordinating a pilot project to collect this fishing line and recycle it. The good news is that, if collected, the line can be melted down into plastic pellets, which are then recycled into products such as tackle boxes, spools for fishing line, toys and fish habitat structures.

Anglers are encouraged to bring used monofilament fishing line to a DNR Service Center. The closest service center to Algoma (that we currently know of) is the Green Bay DNR Service Center located on 2984 Shawn Ave. in Green Bay WI. Ask a local charter service if they have a collection bin or know where one may be.

Learn more about the program on the Wisconsin DNR website.

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